1. A maximum of 6 contestants will participate in this event. There will be two rounds of 3 if required.
2. The competitor can be an industry professional, but remember it’s for fun.
3. The entry fee is non-refundable.
4. The competitor’s application form and fee must be
submitted by 14th May for consideration.
5. Contestants must provide their menu in advance for
chips and sauces. Applications will be vetted by the
Culture and Chips Organising Committee.
6. Not all applications will be accepted due to venue size restrictions. Applicants will be notified of their
participation by 7th October 2017.
7. The organising committee will not be responsible
for the loss or damage to any contestants’ materials, equipment or personnel effects.
8. The contestants agree to participate in publicity involving the World Chip Championships for the purposes of publication, display, social media, or broadcast, in the form of photography, television, radio, press interviews, video as appropriate. The Culture & Chips event may use all above taken also for future events.
9. Please follow and support the promotion of the event on www.facebook.com/cultureandchips and on Twitter @cultureandchips #EatInTheCity. Let everyone know that you are participating in this fun competition!
10. Fryers and table top cooking equipment may be available to rent. Please contact
the organisers for more details
if required.
11. The judges’ decision is final.