Saturday 14th October sees the World Chip Championships taking place in Limerick to find the best-tasting chip on the planet! This will be an open contest to all professional cooks with a passion for the frite, each hoping to cut the mustard and take home the inaugural title. This is a fun event and should provide for much entertainment!!


Date: Saturday 14th October 2017
Location: Demo tent, Culture & Chips, The Crescent, O’Connell Street Time: 5.00pm-7.00pm


Myles Breen will host this unique event.


1. Nick Munier – co presenter – MasterChef
2. Lorraine Fanneran – La Cucina
3. Fergal Deegan – Live 95FM
4. Cully & Sully
5. Lorcan Murray


There will be 3 booths that can be used for the placement of ingredients and equipment. A 6ft trestle table will be assigned to you in front of the booth to allow for preparation and creation of your menu. There will be one round from which three finalists will be selected.
The judging panel will move around the tables inspecting the progress. When the time comes to judge the chips and sauces, each competitor will be asked to present their produce to the judging panel, who will be on stage awaiting to be bowled over!
The competition areas will be roped off to ensure space and privacy. Spectators will come and go to view the competition over the course of the afternoon.


No cost to enter.


3 Finalists
45 mins preparation and cooking time.
10 mins cleandown time.
4 minutes per contestant in front of judges for evaluation.


• All contestants are to provide their own raw materials, serving equipment, chopping boards, utensils, pots and pans etc. Fryer will be supplied in the demo kitchen.
• All contestants will be provided with a Culture & Chips apron.
• Contestants must arrive with the raw ingredients. No pre-prepared sauces are permitted.
• The competition will be judged on:

Chips – quality & crispness

Sauce or ketchup that accompanies the chips Originality or quirkiness of dish
Garnish or drink pairing
• A brief menu description must also be displayed at your work station and all contestants must register at least one hour prior to the event.
• Contestants are allotted 30 minutes to set up their station, arrive by 4.30pm
• Contestants have 45 minutes to prepare, cook and plate your choice of chips and sauces.
• Electricity will be provided to the contestants.
• Contestants will be required to present their food to the judges for adjudication and comment.
Each slot will be 4 minutes.
• Contestants must clean down their food stations and leave the area as they found it. (Failure to
clear the food station will lead to automatic disqualification)
• The winner will be crowned ‘World Chip Champion 2017’.


Winner – World Chip Champion 2017
The winner will receive a framed certificate to celebrate their win as World Chip Champion and a plaque for their award’s cabinet.
The Runner Up – For the Best Sauce 2017
The best sauce winner will receive a framed certificate to celebrate their win.
Each contestant will receive a certificate for their participation.


There are a total of 100 points that can be awarded.
CHIPS: For a maximum total of 60 points.
– Quality of the chip (1-10 points)
– Crispness and crunch of chips (1-10 points)
– Fluffiness of potato inside (1-10 points)
– Presentation of dish (1-10 points)
– Pairing of chip and sauce (1-10 points)
– Any other accompaniment (beer/wine/garnish) (1-10 points)
SAUCE: For a maximum of 20 points.
– Originality of sauce/ketchup (1-10 points) – Quality of sauce (1-5 points)
– Texture of sauce (1-5 points)
OVERALL DISH: For a maximum of 10 points.
– Originality of overall dish (1-10 points)
CLEANLINESS: For a maximum of 10 points.
-Cleanliness of work areas and clean down afterwards

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